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“It is better to have food as medicine than medicine as food”

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Biologists attribute buckwheat to plants of the buckwheat family. Flowering begins, usually in the end of June - July, the very height of the honey harvest lasts about two to three weeks.

Buckwheat honey has a rich rich aroma of buckwheat flowers, and a tart taste. You can feel a slight burning sensation in the palate. This is explained by the antibacterial properties of honey.


Buckwheat honey contains:

• iron

• phosphorus,

• magnesium

• calcium

• zinc.

• minerals,

• proteins

• amino acids

• vitamins of groups B, C and E

This honey is often prescribed to sick people.

• cardiovascular disease,

• anemia,

• pregnant women with low hemoglobin levels.

• in the treatment of a variety of chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract

• in the treatment of gastritis and peptic ulcer

• normalizes blood pressure

• strengthen the walls of blood vessels

• get rid of anemia

The use of this honey also magnificently raises

• mood

• relieves of spleen and melancholy,

• helps to cope with stress



Honey from buckwheat flowers contains a large amount of vitamins and is actively used in cosmetology. Face masks, which include this ingredient, perfectly nourish and smooth the skin of the face.

In folk medicine, buckwheat honey is recommended for

• sore throat,

• flu

• any other catarrhal diseases.

This is an excellent antiseptic, so it is permissible to treat it:

• wounds,

• cuts,

• ulcers

• burns

Antiseptic properties of buckwheat honey contribute to faster healing

• wounds

• cuts

• inflammation

• the retina works better.

For preventive procedures, it is important to remember the rule that every day you need to drink two hundred milliliters of warm boiled (or spring) water on an empty stomach in the morning. After twenty-five minutes, you need to eat a tablespoon of buckwheat honey. This is a very simple but effective recipe that helps to heal microcracks and restore the mucosa.


There are several useful recipes that you can cook at home without much hassle.

• First, you can mix one hundred grams of lemon juice with two hundred grams of buckwheat honey. This mixture can be eaten during colds as a restorative every hour for a teaspoon for a week.

• Secondly, you can take and mix five parts (for example, five hundred grams) of a mixture of hazelnuts, almonds and one part of buckwheat honey (if it has crystallized, it can be heated in a water bath).


For some people, it is completely contraindicated. For example, people prone to allergies, because of the high risk of strong reactions and swelling.

Due to the high content of fructose and glucose, people with diabetes need to be wary of this variety of honey, and discuss its use with your doctor

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