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Bee bread is the elixir of youth that scientists have been looking for

Bee bread is a protein substance whose biological value exceeds the value of milk, eggs and meat.

The proteins that make up the bee bread are very similar in composition to the blood proteins, so they are well absorbed by the human body.

Bee “bread” contains almost all vitamins, 16 amino acids, 13 fatty acids, carbohydrates, macro- and microelements, hormone-like substances.

Bee bread is a full-fledged food product, containing in its composition all the biologically active substances necessary for a person, and in a very well balanced and concentrated form.

For women

• Long-term intake of bee bread normalizes metabolic processes in women. Increases the overall tone of the female body, normalizes hormonal levels.

• During menstruation, bee bread helps to make up for the female body after taking it with the missing iron.

• Bee bread helps treat female infertility, normalizes menstrual cycles, and promotes the production of hormones that will help conceive a child.

• For pregnant women, anemia is a serious danger, which is why bee bread is so necessary during the period of gestation and feeding the child. Bee bread saturates the body of a nursing mother or a pregnant woman with the necessary trace elements and vitamins.

• Recommended for women with menopause symptoms.

• If you are taking stew, then forget about mastopathy. Bee bread does not only prevent the development of such a dangerous disease as mastopathy.

• For those who take Bee bread, metabolic processes will be normalized. This reduces the risk of obesity. It stimulates the abdominal muscles, tones the entire muscle system.

For men

• Doctors say that bee bread is a good way to enhance male potency. In observed patients who regularly take the product, there is an improvement in blood supply to the male genital organs.

• In fact, you can successfully treat impotence with the help of bee bread. Bee bread can also be used for prostate adenoma, the beekeeping product helps fight male infertility, giving sperm the necessary mobility.

For kids

• Bee bread contains an abundance of vitamin A, which helps children stimulate growth. If the child does not grow, regularly give him a bee bread - this product will act as a growth activator in children.

• A beekeeping product improves eyesight - a fact that ophthalmologists around the world confirm.

• The fact that bee bread contains a lot of vitamin B allows us to state with certainty that bee bread improves memory and develops the mental abilities of a child.

Indications for the use of bee bread are also:

• Violation of the blood supply to the brain, memory impairment

• Depressive conditions, chronic fatigue syndrome

• Immunodeficiency conditions

• Increased physical, mental and psycho-emotional stress

• Anorexia, malnutrition and digestive disorders in children

Regular use of beef is also recommended:

• During the recovery period after a heart attack or stroke

• To cancer patients during the recovery period after courses of chemo- and radiation therapy

• As part of a comprehensive program to strengthen immunity

• As part of a comprehensive program to combat alcohol or drug addiction

• For older people - to activate metabolic processes, prevent Alzheimer's disease and other “age-related” brain diseases

• Pregnant and breast-feeding women (Bee bread increases the level of hemoglobin in pregnant women, has a beneficial effect on the development of the fetus, prevents the development of postpartum depression, and improves lactation).

As part of the bee bread are always present:

• (potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, iron, copper, zinc, chromium, iodine, cobalt, etc.) glutamine, leucine, asparagine, serine, alanine, threonine, glycine, isoleucine, valine, proline, tyrosine, lysine, phenylalanine , arginine, histidine, methionine),

13 fatty acids

• (linoleic (Omega-6), linolenic (Omega-3), myristoleic, myristic, oleic, palmitic, palmitoleic, arachidonic, etc.),

vitamins (E, C, D, P (rutin), K, B1, B2, B3, B6),

Method of use

The average single dose of Bee bread for an adult is 0.5 teaspoon (daily dose for adults is not more than 30 g), for children 0.3 - 0.25 teaspoon (or 70-100 mg per 1 kg of body weight). It is recommended to use the Bee bread 2-3 times a day half an hour before a meal (the Bee bread should be kept under the tongue until it is completely absorbed, without drinking water). The recommended duration of the treatment and prophylactic course of taking bee bread is 3-4 weeks, the interval between courses is 10 days.

Due to the tonic effect, the use of bee bread is not recommended after 18 hours.

Promoting rejuvenation, moisturizing and increasing the elasticity of the skin, bee bread is also a useful vitamin-mineral supplement to cosmetics for the care of mature or aging skin (masks with bee bread are recommended 1-2 times a week).


Individual intolerance to apiproducts (beekeeping products), acute infectious or oncological diseases. Use with caution with arterial hypertension, insomnia, increased nervous irritability

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