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What is propolis? Short course in natural sciences

The natural beekeeping product, which is called bee glue or propolis, is a kind of resinous adhesive substance that is obtained by mixing beeswax and saliva with natural juice from natural sources - trees, leaves, flowers, buds, etc.

The healing qualities of propolis have long been known to mankind. This product was especially appreciated in ancient Egypt, because with its help mummified corpses, healed wounds, abscesses, eczema and fought with various infections.

Scientists have discovered in propolis more than 200 different components and compounds, including:

• organic acids,

• natural resins;

• wax;

• pollen;

• essential oils

• mineral salts

Propolis also contains a large number of vitamins of the group:

• B1, B2, B6, A, C, E, P and H, amino acids, sugars, many macro- and micronutrients, especially rich in calcium propolis, provitamin A, vitamins B, C, E, manganese, iron, silicon, zinc , calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, amino acids, organic acids (coumaric, coffee, cinnamon), nicotinic acid, benzoic acid, flavonoids.

Propolis, the use of which is especially relevant in the season of morbidity, copes with the destruction of pathogenic bacteria, among which are:

• flu virus

• herpes virus,

• tubercle bacillus,

• fungi and yeast,

• chickenpox virus, etc.

Propolis: application

In addition to the expected colds, the use of propolis is indicated in the presence of the following diagnoses:

1. Arterial hypertension.

2. A stomach ulcer.

3. Diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

4. Allergic reactions.

5. Food poisoning.

6. Skin defects: ulcers, warts, burns, fungus, etc. Bee glue cleanses the skin, restores its integrity and promotes the rapid healing of even the most serious injuries.

7. Gynecological abnormalities: thrush, vaginal herpes, endometriosis, etc.

For women

The benefit of propolis for the woman’s body is invaluable - the substance helps to cure gynecological inflammation, helps to establish the menstrual cycle, protects against tumors of the breast and uterus. Propolis is used for quick and safe weight loss, and it is also often used in beauty recipes.

For men

The benefits of propolis for men are anti-inflammatory properties - the substance is used for prostatitis and hemorrhoids, used to prevent diseases of the genitourinary tract. Since beneficial propolis strengthens blood vessels, when consumed, the risk of developing heart ailments is reduced.

For kids

The healing properties of propolis for children are highly valued in the treatment of colds or skin rashes. But up to 3 years, babies are offered exclusively water products, alcohol tincture will bring unconditional harm to the body.

True, an alcoholic agent is allowed to be used externally - for rubbing and lubricating the skin of a child. Before this, an allergy test must be performed.

Attention! Since under certain conditions propolis can cause great harm to children's health, a consultation with a pediatrician is mandatory before the first use.

How to take propolis?

You can use propolis as you like - make water and oil tinctures, ointments, creams, and even chew in its pure form like chewing gum. However, the most convenient form for patients of all ages is still considered a water tincture. To prepare it, it is enough to chop a small amount of the bee product with a knife and boil it in a water bath for 10 minutes, after adding ½ cup of boiled water.

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