Royal Jelly is a Powerful Biological Stimulant

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Bee milk - bees use to feed the uterus and offspring. It is secreted by the secret of young bees, 1-2 weeks old. Royal jelly is equated with breast milk. It is very nutritious, healing.

It is proved that the product is rich in amino acids, vitamins, as well as unique bee proteins.

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Bee Royal Jelly for Men's Health

Modern medicine recognizes the ability of a product to increase production: testosterone, increase libido and sexual energy. It is proved that taking royal jelly eliminates not only problems with potency, but also the main cause of male infertility - low sperm motility.

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The use of royal jelly for women

Improving the work of the endocrine glands, royal jelly eliminates infertility caused by hormonal imbalance. The most famous example of using “royal jelly” is the Duchess of Sarah of York, daughter-in-law of the current ruling British queen. After a course of treatment with royal jelly, the duchess became the mother of two children.

In addition, the product has 7 positive effects on women's health:

• restoration of the regularity of the female cycle;

• strengthening the muscles and mucous membrane of the uterus;

• elimination of depression and fatigue during menopause;

• destruction of fungi and bacteria;

• suppression of the growth of mcf-7 cells that cause breast cancer;

• increase in libido;

Women can take apilac inside, and also use on vaginal tampons with erosion of the cervix and thrush.

The use of royal jelly for children

“Royal jelly” has long been given to children whose development for some reason slowed down, primarily to premature babies. Apitherapists advise royal jelly to preschool children with growth retardation, weakened immunity, and mental retardation.

Royal jelly is one of the safest supplements for children. But with an allergy to bee stings or bee products, the remedy is contraindicated. It is also important to comply with the dosage - not more than 1 mg per 1 kg of body weight.

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Apilac (Royal Jelly) during pregnancy and lactation

The product allows the expectant mother to stock up on vitamins and amino acids that accelerate fetal growth. Royal jelly prevents miscarriages in the early stages.

There are hundreds of cases when women consume a product throughout their pregnancy and then give birth to healthy, active children with high mental potential. On the other hand, no scientific studies have yet been conducted on the effect of royal jelly on pregnancy and lactation. The product may cause unexpected changes in hormonal levels and allergic reactions. A future mother who wants to take supplements with apilak (Royal Jelly) must always consult a doctor.

Royal jelly in cosmetology

Saturated with vitamins and amino acids, bee secretion is ideal for skin care. The protein royalactin makes up for collagen in the epidermis, which is lost with age. Antioxidants slow down the aging and death of skin cells. Royal jelly gives the skin 5 benefits at once:

• Reduce deep wrinkles.

• Elimination of small "mesh" around the eyes.

• Improving skin elasticity.

• Fast healing of scars.

• Moisturizing and toning.

The complex of bioactive substances contained in apilak has many healing effects on the human body:

• reduces the level of lipoproteins and bad cholesterol;

• stabilizes blood pressure;

• strengthens the immune system;

• activates the brain;

• calms the nervous system;

• prevents liver damage by toxins;

• prevents the development of osteoporosis;

• improves the reproductive system of men and women.

• stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer;


• infertility;

• painful menstruation;

• uterine fibroids;

• neurosis;

• insomnia;

• anemia.

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